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Ignorance can be tolerated, where reason is left free to combat it. -Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Fox News
I caught a few minutes of Fox News while getting ready this morning. There should be no suprise that they pissed me off on several points. One- "When will Bush give the green light to attack Iraq?" OK, so we're all pretty sure that Bush will use any excuse he can to start the war. He doesn't just want it, he needs it. The Gallup polls show him losing support and the typical Americans will, with the help of media like Fox News, rally behind a president during a war. Plus, he needs to pay back his oil buddies who baught his presidency. Two- The show was blasting Martin Scorsece for Gangs of New York, saying that he was "un-american" because he made a movie that shows a more unfavorable part of history. Since when is the truth unamerican!? This sounded scarily like the McCarthy era. Well, there's more...but I gotta start my shift at work here so I gotta go.


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