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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

It figures.
Just as Carla and I are saving for a house and can't afford to spend money on frivilous things, an eBay seller is selling a whole bunch of original Elric art on eBay. I like this original pencil from the Stormbringer RPG the best. The final inked piece was one of my favorite pieces of art from the roleplaying game. (I told you I like the angsty stuff, didn't I?) The guy must have bought someone's collection. There's also a Mike Mignola piece and a few where he did not know the artist. I think the Mike Mignola piece may have been for the White Wolf collected editions, although I can't place it. Maybe someone paid MM to draw it at a convention, but I don't imagine that MM would have the time to do commissions at a convention.

Most of the items are probably going to close extremely high, so I guess I wouldn't have bought them anyway.


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