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Friday, August 09, 2002

So, I've decided to base my Nobilis Imperators off of the angels of Judeo-Christian-Islamic mythology. For example, instead of using Lord Entropy (one of the concepts I didn't care for in the game) as the darkest one, I will use a fallen angel, Iblis. (In Islam, Iblis is the name for Satan. I like the name better.)

One of the neat things I am learning is the depth of Angelic lore. I had heard of some of the variety of angel types and appearaces but until now I have never seen just how rich this stuff is. It makes me wish I had more of a chance to play In Nomine than the one horrible session I was subjected to. (I will have to tell that story someday. It's one of those games that was so bad I still cringe.)

Now, the problem I have is that I can't find any angels dedicated to animals. None of the three religions seem to have an archangel dedicated to the animal kingdom as far as I can tell and I need at least two Imperators of animals for the plot. I could just make up an angelic name, but I'm not good at making up names that still sound cool. If anyone knows an angelic protector of animals, please let me know. Either that or I may end up taking Hebrew word for animals and adding -el at the end. -el means "of god." That is how most of the angels got their names.

(Useless comic trivia- This is also how Superman (Kal-el) and his father (Jor-el) got their names. The creators of Superman (Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster) were Jewish. Kal-el means "Swiftness of God" and Jor-el means "Wisdom of God." )


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