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Sunday, February 23, 2003

I just submitted my game selections. As in the previous years, I had one slot where there were several games I wanted to play in. This time it was the first slot.

Last year, I was disappointed when I didn't get into JS's "Enigma Society." I was all set to play "Doc" Holliday. I did a whole bunch of reading about the historical Doc and thought about how I'd play him. Unfortunately, I didn't give it first priority and didn't get in.

This year, there are a whole bunch of games in that slot I want to play in. KG's "Knights and Pawns" sounds great and she says it is more of a political game. I've tried running political games myself with little success and I know they are hard to pull off. I would love to play in a succesful one and I have a feeling Kristen can run one. There is also "Twilight of the Superheroes," which my regular readers and friends should need little explanation as to why I want in it. Finally, there is John's "Enigma Society Re-visited." A year later, it still sound good but I've since realized that I can play in "Doc" in other games by changing his illness and name. (I based Conrad Gareth off of him and played him in last year's "Big Trouble in Little Shadow" and have since used him in Bete Noir.) There were other games in this slot two, but I decided to put these three down in that order. I'm sure that making John's game my third choice has given me little chance of playing in it, but there were too may good choices.


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