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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Gaming as an Adult
Doyce talks about this article on his blog that makes several great points about how gaming is different as an adult and how you should plan games different. One of the things it suggests is keeping the groups smaler than their more "youthful" sizes. This is sooo true. One of the big things it mentions that I have seen the ill effect of is: Do not cancel unless absolutely neccesary.

During my first and second Changeling campaigns (the first in Fort Wayne and the second in Michigan) I managed to keep a very steady schedule and it rarely changed. While there was several other things that I did better in my first two games than the White Wolf campaign that just prematurely ended, I think that the steady schedule went a long way towards keeping players enthusiastic.

With the last campaign, we had had to cancel several months in a row. This was mostly because of my new job. With a less reliable schedule, I could ever know if I could actually game on our scheduled day until the week before. To make things worse, my friends have very tight schedules. Many of them are in several other games that also meet on weekends, making it nearly impossible to reschedule games.

Anyways, head on over to Doyce's blog and check it out. It's all common sense, but sometimes we all need to be reminded.


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