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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Monday Mashup: The Dukes of Amber
I'm actually thinking I could run this game sometime at a con....

This week's Monday Mashup is The Dukes of Hazzard. The way I see this, The Dukes of Hazzard was basically a show about a family of swill-making smugglers who help their hometown when needed but stay one step in front of the law while they are at it.

Making their way,
the only way they know how,
but that's just a little bit more
than the law will allow.

My first thought was a D&D game where the characters take this role while staying one step ahead of the local law, but that ends up a little more like Robin Hood than the Dukes. What made the Dukes more than another Robin Hood show? What was missing? The car! The car chases! The crazy jumps!

So, I offer you the Amber/Dukes crossover!

The kingdom of Amber has increased its borders since the days of the Patternfall War. These days, local nobility rule over much of shadow, offering their allegiance to the King (or Queen) of Amber. They control trade and inter-shadow travel and very little travel between the planes goes unnoticed by their guards, elite warriors with the travel to move through shadow like the true-bloods of Amber. The Count for the area that our campaign is set in is a greedy man who taxes trade between shadows very highly and exploits the people of his shadows.

Along come our heroes. With enchanted vehicles that travel through shadow, they move back and forth between the worlds, helping people where they can and making a few bucks of their smuggling. They are much loved by the locals of the shadows and folk-tales have grown around them.

A few times these "Dukes", as the locals have come to call them, have tried contacting the other nobility of Amber but the local count manages to keep his nose clean enough that Amber hasn't seen his dirty-dealing.

One of the local guards chasing the Dukes, is a soldier who rides a large dog-like creature named Flash. "Come on Flash! We'll get those Duke boys this time!"

this game would obviously be run extremely cinematic with big chase scenes and crazy stunts as the Dukes drive crazily through country roads and small towns trying to escape the "Boss"s men.

To make it really like the show, the Boss and Guards have to be somewhat incompetent and occassionally willing to work with the Dukes.


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