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Monday, November 03, 2003

I was watching the news this morning and they were talking about the attack on the helicopter that killed the 16 soldiers. The reporter said how while many attacks have been made on our helicopters with heat-seaking missiles and other ground-to-air missiles, this was the first to hit and "now it has become dangerous for our troops in the air as well as on the ground." Now!? Didn't you just say that these attacks have been happening for some time? It wasn't dangerous then?

Why does the news have to try to make everything sound like "the turning point." It's not like they had to try and make this sound important. Sixteen more people died, fighting in Bush's war. That was tragic enough.

In other news, they were talking about the Mississippi Governor race on NPR this morning and the Republican candidate has been blasting the incumbent Democrat....for the poor economy! The Republican is blaming the Governor for the job losses. Last I checked, this was a national problem that certain Republican so-called president has done nothing about. If they start taking governorships away from Democratic governors by playing the bad economy card, there is something truly twisted going on there. (OK, they already did start in CA.) Hopefully we'll see how well this burns them in the presidential election.

By the way, I also heard on NPR recently that Michigan has been one of the hardest hit with job losses in the union.


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