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Thursday, October 17, 2002

Gaming: New Tara
The new "World of Darkness" campaign starts Sunday. I'm almost ready. I've recruited a few new players and all of the old players who are starting new characters (most of them) have their new characters ready.

I have it in my mind how the characters should mesh and the setting is ready. Now, I just need a plot. I have a few plot ideas in mind but the first game needs just the right plot. It needs to be one that lets the characters introduce themselves and give the players a chance to get into character. It also needs to get all or most of them together at some point and hint at dangers to come. This could be difficult.

The game will be set in a neighborhood of New Tara, a New England city with a powerful occult connection. (The characters of the last campaign basically created the city in their minds.)

Here is the cast so far:

Drusilla Peel (Matt)- Toreador Vampire and headmistress of Ms. Peel's School for Girls.

Lucien (John)- Sidhe Knight who will be opening a martial arts dojo in the neighborhood.

Calixa (Carla) - Malkavian Vampire

Maevren (Double N) - A wereraven who acts as groundskeeper for Ms. Peel's school.

??????? (Mark) - A young Tremere Vampire who runs an occult shop in the neighborhood.

Drusilla and Lucien are returning from the Changeling game. The others are new. I'll let you know how it goes.


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