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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

A Brief History of the Fourth World (continued)
Part Three: Rebirth
The world of the old gods was split in halves, two giant molten bodies spinning slow and barren. These worlds were clean of all that had gone before, adrift in the fading sounds of cosmic thunder. The two worlds would become a home for the new gods to rise up, grow and achieve powers to move the universe in new ways. New Genesis would become a beautiful paradise, while her dark sister planet Apokolips would grow up in her shadow, lit only by the functional light of the fire pits.

Part Four: The War of the New Gods
Time passed and eventually the inhabitants of Apokolips looked to New Genesis and remembered and the old hatred...the hatred of the old gods. During the reign of Queen Heggra of Apokolips a hunting party from Apokolips landed on New Genesis, led by the queen's brother Steppenwolf. They came across Izayah, the Inheritor and his lover Aria. A fight ensued and Steppenwolf killed Aria before the hunting. Darkseid, Steppenwolf's nephew and son of Heggra, defeated Izayah but Izayah miraculously survived.

A war broke out between the two worlds that would last for decades and leave the two worlds in ruins. Izayah led the forces of New Genesis, until he finally met Steppenwolf in battle. The two clashed and Izayah won, killing his hated foe. Even this did not bring Izayah peace. Wandering across the ruins of New Genesis and seeing the carnage caused by the war, Izayah grieved. He tore off his armor and through down his battlestaff. "If I am to be the inheritor, what is to be inheritance!?" he cried. It is then that The Source was revealed to Izayah. Izayah would return to his people under a new name, Highfather and lead teh people of New Genesis with the wisdom of the Source.

Part Five: The Pact
Highfather taught the people of New Genesis the way of peace but there was still a war to end. He met with Darkseid, who after the mysterious death of Queen Heggra had become the new Lord of Apokolips and negotiated for peace. A deal was made and to seal the pact, the two leaders swapped their infant sons. Highfather's son would be raised in the infamous orphanage of Granny Goodness, while Darkseid's son would be raised by the gods of New Genesis.

More to come.....


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