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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Role Call
What are three movies whose mood and/or situations you’d like to emulate in a roleplaying game, and why?

Well, this is what I lost yesterday. So, I'm typing it up again.

The Matrix OK. This one's a bit obvious for me. The feel that I try to emulate from the Matrix is the pacing. The slow buidl up at the beginning...the little bit of philosophy and foreshadowing of things to come....revelations....and the big explosive ending. I think I did a pretty good job in the "Morpheus Calling."

Dark City I use this movie as an example of a style of movie, which includes Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Batman, The Crow and Bladerunner. In those movies, the visual style gives the city a life of it's own and the background, the city, actually feels like a character in the movie. This is how I want "The Dreaming City" (link to the right) to feel. I hope that I've managed that a little in the Dreaming City games I've run. This was also some of the feeling that I was going for in "The Kingdom of Lost Children," although I think I was less successful there.

Record of Lodoss War OK. So, Ginger already mentioned this one and it seems kind of cheap to use someone elses idea, but I have to completely agree with her choice. Record of Lodoss War is an anime that I've often described as everything I've ever wanted out of a D&D game. A group of different characters band together on an epic quest to save their homeland. The mix of character types never seems forced like it seems in some of novels I've read. The story is excellent and the "NPCs" (Ashram, Pirotesse...) are very interesting without overshadowing the heroes.


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