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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Too many questions
(Via Lintra)

Questions are a burden for others and answers are a prison for oneself.
- The Prisoner, "Arrival", a sign in The Village

1) What's on your bedside table?

On my side, books and candles. On Carla's side, books, a lamp and a clock.

2) What's the geekiest part of your music collection?

I can't decide between these two:

A cassette of the original music soundtrack to Castlevania 1 and 2, two games for the original Nintendo.

Bob Denver and the Muppets, the Christmas Album. I found it on CD at a CVS Pharmacy a few years ago and bought it because I had it on LP when I was a kid.

3) What do you eat when you raid the fridge at night?

Lately it has been white cheddar cheese-its.

4) What is your secret guaranteed weeping film?

I don't have a guaranteed weeping film. Once I know the sad part's coming, it doesn't affect me. The scenes that usually get me, however, are the ones where someone watches a friend or loved one die and they are helpless to stop it.

5) If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done?

I wouldn't. I don't think I'm perfect, but I'm not going to go under a knife just for vanity reasons. If I could magically change something about my appearance, it would be my nose, but even then I doubt I'd actually do it.

6) Do you have a completely irrational fear?


7) What is the little physical habit that gives away your insecure moments?

I've never noticed if I do. I must, though. I hardly ever win at Poker.

8) Do you ever have to beg?


9) Do you have too many love interests?


10) Describe your bed.

Ask Carla to describe it. It's a bed. It's a Queen size

11) Spontaneous or plan?


12) Who should play you in a movie about your life?

Antonio Banderas. Hey, who says it has to be a realistic potrayal? Actually, there was a time that people used to say I looked a bit like James Hetfield from Metallica. I never saw the resemblence.

13) Do you know how to play poker?

Yes. See above.

14) What do you carry with you at all times?

Keys. Wallet. Wedding Ring.

15) How do you drive?

Depends on where I am and who is in the car with me.

16) What do you miss most about being little?

Free time.

17) Are you happy with your given name?


18) What color is your bedroom?.

Ask Carla while you're asking her about the bed. I seriously can't picture the colors right now.

19) What was the last song you were listening to?

"Kick Some Ass" from the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back soundtrack.

20) Have you ever been in a school play?

Yes. A couple.

21) Do you know anyone famous?


22) Have you ever been in love?

A few times.

23) Do you like yourself and believe in yourself?


24) Do you think you're cute?

Not sure. I don't think I'm ugly.

25) Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?



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