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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Nuadha Update
Been quiet. Haven't had a whole lot of interesting stuff to say.

Politically, I haven't been too motivated lately. I suspect that when it comes to "saving the world," I'm manic-depressive. I go through my manic phases where I want to help out every where I can and go to all the protests and such. Then I go through my depressive phases where I'd rather spend my time working on other crap, because "what's the point?" It doesn't help that the group I've involved with has been spending so much time on our mailing lists arguing rather than getting stuff done. The local group has more than doubled its active membership in the last year, so it may be that we've just been growing too fast.

Socially, these days have been fairly busy. I don't think Carla and I have had a weekend in a long time where we haven't had plans to get together with friends. It's very cool.

Work has been cool, although it seems busier these days. It just may be that I knwo more these days about the job, so I see more to do.

We've got someone coming to look at our house this weekend, which means we've got to get cleaning. Luckilly, I had just arranged to get tomorrow off to clean the house and make dinner, since it's Carla's birthday and I wanted to do something special for her. Now, sadly, it won't be a gift for her as much as something we need, but I have the time. Tomorrow morning wil be a whirlwind cleaning spree. I just hope they buy it. They want a house to put on some land they have, so they are planning on moving it. Our house isn't priced that much lower than a new house from our manufacturer and the few pluses I think our house has that would make someone more willing to buy it don't count here: the wood deck, shed, and location.


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