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Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Ambercon review
OK. Sunday night I was just posting to complain about some of my pet peeves. Now for the full review, in case you care-

Slot 1 - Exalted
This game was cancelled because the GM left stuff at home and didn't feel prepared. This bugged me...a lot. All of the other games were filled so this caused a bunch of people to lose a night of gaming. He should have just ad-libbed something, but instead he gets the pre-game jitters and quits. I'll make sure to not sign up for one of his games next year. I don't want to risk it. One of the players in the Exalted game jumped in and ran a diceless game of 7th Sea, which turned out to be a pretty neat game for a last minute replacement.

Slot 2- Big Trouble in Little Shadow
A fun game, but too much time was spent on the puzzle and not enough on the roleplaying. (see Sunday's post) I liked my character a lot. I created him just for this game. He's an Amberite who is sick with a mysterious illness that seems to have no cure. He is so weak that he was unable to walk the pattern, so he has compensated by throwing himself in to the study of Trump Artistry.

Slot 3- Flotsam & Jetsam
KG did a good job as GM. The plot suffered a bit from the puzzle problem, but otherwise was fairly good. This was an elder's game. My first choice was Bleys, but he was already taken, so I took Caine. The game was set just after the Patternfall. I chose Caine because I saw him as a very easy one for me to play. He's got a lot in common with Alexander. He is sneaky and manipulative, but in the end he really is on the side of the angels. I think I did a pretty good job with him. I played up on the fact that he had let the family think he was dead for all that time. Then, in their time of need, he swoops in to save the day. Nobody says, "Caine! Thank goodness you're alive!" They don't thank him for saving the day. They just go on as if he never died (in their eyes). What's the point of going to all of the work to fake your death and save the day at a dramatically appropriate time, if noone gives you credit?

Slot 4 - The Heist
This was the first Throne War that I've ever run and I think it went really well. The characters were thieves trying to steal the Jewel of Judgement. Everybody schemed and plotted against eachother and I think they had a great time. Noone won, but a couple of people came pretty close. One character managed to sneak up behind King Eric while he was wearing the jewel. Unfortunately, she tried breaking his neck instead of using a knife or something. She had 5 pts in Strength. It didn't work. MD's character also came very close. Unfortunately, one of the other players shot her with a trump-powered pistol.

Slot 5 - Mercy & Forgiveness
This was MK and KL's new campaign, a sequel to last year's "Into the Abyss." I played Alexander's son Anoki. Raised in a native american-like society, he is a strong, noble man who acts a spiritual leader for his people. He has taken an active interest in helping Brand raise his children. I look forward to next year.

Slot 6 - Morpheus Calling
I took the game in a different direction than I planned and the was different than what I planned, but I actually think it was better than what I planned. The players managed to sneak in to Castle Amber and Morpheus redrew the Pattern. I'm thinking of doing a follow-up next year, "Morpheus Interrupted." We'll see. I already volunteered to run next year's costume LARP.

Slot 7- The Dreaming City
It went great. Once again, I changed the ending at last minute, but that was necessary because of one of the rules I added. Players were able to spend two glamour to act as a temporary GM telling me what they found when they searched for clues. Since the game was a mystery, I had to change the outcome so that all the clues made sense. It was a lot of fun and a great challenge for me as well as the players.

That was it. I didn't play in slot 8. I'd like to thank Liz for running the con. She did a wonderful job.


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