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Monday, January 05, 2004

Stone Update
No change. Lots of pain. TGFI. (Thank goddess for Ibuprofen)

I've been able to catalog all sorts of new kinds of pain over the last couple weeks. I particular, I now know what it feels like when one's kidney hurts. It's a lot like the backaches I've been getting over the last couple of years only right now it hurts much more. Now I'm wondering if all those times I thought I had a backache, I was actually feeling pain due to a kidney stone.

My stomach has been upset almost constantly lately so I haven't been eating much. Today I've been feeling hungry for beans, so I got some bean dip with no cheese (since dairy has been messing me up). I'm hoping I did not make a horrible mistake.

The silver lining: I feel no need for caffeine anymore. It's completely out of my system and I didn't even notice caffeine withdrawal since the pain was distracting me.


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