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Friday, March 07, 2003

A few quick thoughts
I caught an episode of All in the Family this morning. Michael ("Meathead") had decided that he did not want to have children...he didn't want to bring another baby in the world. Gloria is upset because she wants to have children and of course Archie and Edith become involved. The episode dealt with everyone's reactions and the arguments for and against children. If they ever released All in the Family on DVD, it would be the one sitcom I would buy. Sure, Seinfeld was great and I'd be tempted to buy I Love Lucy but All in the Family was genius.

Lest, I get away from a general theme of my blog: Bush is the very model of a high-tech modern fascist.

A fairly good casting choice for Elric was suggested by Storn at tonight's gaming session: Jude Law.

Also on Elric, I think Danny Elfman would have to do the soundtrack.

Mutants and Masterminds is an excellent superhero RPG. We played it again tonight and it may replace Champions as my favorite. It has almost all of Champions' flexibility and is nowhere near as complicated. (Champions is an accountant's dream...or nightmare. I'm not sure which.)

I've determined that the villians of Kirby's New Gods were far more interesting than the heroes. Sure enough, I already have an email from a player in my New Gods game asking if he could play someone from Apokolips. I'm half tempted to suggest that if enough players are interested we could split the group in two. This way, more of the Apokolips characters could be worked in to the game. While the good guys work on their plot, the players playing Darkseid's minions could work against them. Unfortunately, it's only a four hour slot and I already have plenty of plot for the New Genesis crowd.


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