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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Hate new blogger editing screens. I hope this is temporary.

There's a fine line between...
...a riot and a revolt. From everything I've heard, the situation in Benton Harbor has been a long time coming. Of course, the news, as it always does, almost ignores the reasons behind the "riots" and makes it sound like all the injuries...the numbers...are the doing of the "rioters." How many of these injuries have been caused by overzealous police officers? We don't know.

From an AP article, one of the few I've seen that gave any reasons besides the motorcycle chase:

Residents interviewed earlier Tuesday said Benton Harbor's problems were the result of years of police harassment.
"We're tired of it now. We're tired of it," Antonio Cornelius, 21, said Tuesday morning. He said he happened on the scene about midway through the first night's riots.
His cousin, 11-year-old Trenton Patterson, was struck on a sidewalk and killed in September 2000 during a pursuit involving police from nearby Benton Township, the same department that was pursuing Shurn.

Let's get this straight. That's not "harrassment." That's murder.


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